Staff Attack and Distress Alarm Systems

Our range of EZ CALL IP Staff Attack & Distress Alarm Systems is ideal for sometimes challenging workplaces.

In the healthcare sector, these systems are often employed in hospital accident and emergency departments, mental healthcare psychiatric facilities and clinics.

They are also widely employed in the non-healthcare sector too. For example, job centres, police custody suites, magistrates' courts, detention and remand premises.

Sometimes they are employed in environments where no physical or verbal violence is expected ordinarily but they are intended to enable a call to be raised for assistance when someone is in difficulty – such as in a gym or leisure centre.

Alarms can be raised using fixed point type panic buttons – often manufactured in stainless steel – with or without integral key resets.

For staff on the move, they can be raised via portable transmitter units. With a press a button, the system will raise an 'assistance' call along with the location of the incident, ensuring a swift response. The user may raise a higher level of alarm by tugging the unit away from its holder.

Since our system is based on circuits that are divided into independent segments, any rule exceptions to normal operation will be immediately detected and will only affect the system locally. A vital log of events can be kept to archive activity. When used with pc graphic displays and with the portable transmitters in attack mode, 'tracking' is enabled. Our displays will show the highest priority of active call and will indicate call type and location. If there’s more than one call is active, just scroll through the list.

Where needed, the system can also form part of our nurse call system and incorporate disabled persons toilets alarms to comply with BS8300, EMC regulations and the limits defined by EN50081.

Feature Focus

Portable Transmitter Unit

Our fully integrated, unobtrusive, portable infra-red transmitters units have been purpose designed to be lightweight and robust. Created to suit the curvature of the hand, they have large, bright, tactile buttons to make operation easy.

An alternative exists in our 'double push' operation to satisfy police response requirements. When tugged away to raise an 'attack' alert, it does not detach from unit and remains with person for added safety. The trigger unit will also will give a reassurance signal when the transmitter’s test facility button is pressed and battery strength is recorded as positive. Triggers can be recharged with a charger unit if necessary.

The triggers work in connection with ceiling mounted IR receivers, with excellent reception. They are suitable for almost all environments. An integral light indicates that an alarm call has been received.

Enhances patient staff safety.

  • Portable triggers – lightweight, robust & discreet
  • Provides exact call location
  • Two different levels of alarm
  • Integral battery test reassurance facility
  • Long life rechargeable battery
  • Non detachable belt holder
  • Extensive battery life
  • Fast recharge time

Features at a Glance

  • Optional Fixed Point Panic Buttons
  • Optional nurse call or WC alarm integration
  • Optional Pager/DECT integration
  • Optional sounder & visual alarms
  • Optional CCTV & ARC security integration
  • Full event reports capability
  • ‘Event List’ and ‘graphical’ software view options

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