Automatic Nurse Call Presence

These days, many people want more from their nurse call system. They are looking for payback features that not only streamlines healthcare workflows but also drives safety and patient satisfaction levels too.

People often ask for an automatic presence system that will respond automatically to the entry and exit of a nurse. We enable this by fitting nurses and other staff with badges. Badges with unique ID’s constantly report back their location to ceiling mounted infra-red/radio frequency receivers. We establish a clinical-grade standard by combining safe, invisible infrared (IR) light and the communication capabilities of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This is the most precise locating technology available to healthcare.

With our nurse call automation applications, badges are worn by caregivers with each badge programmed to a certain care level (e.g., Nurse, Consultant etc). When the nurse enters a patient’s room, the correct nurse present light turns on and the patient call light turns off. Upon exit, the over door light will change indicating that the caregiver is no longer present. There’s no need to worry about forgetting to press buttons anymore…

The system will automatically keep a log of all interactions between patients and staff available through our software. It will also enable nurse rounding data from which reports can be extracted and sent automatically to managers.

Our Real Time Locating System (RTLS) optimises workflow in the acute care environments, ultimately providing more time for patient care. Adding accurate location information to your nurse call system frees up your staff to concentrate on their patients.

We often find that it delivers faster response times to patient calls and a more hands-free approach to patient care in general. It’s completely self documenting. Our system delivers fact-based location data which is rapidly updated.

Ultimately, response times and hospital efficiency play vital roles in how well caregivers can meet their patients' needs. Time spent doing health patient paperwork, manual data entry or even searching for support staff, can create real bottlenecks in the healthcare workplace.

A Wide Range of Badges

Administrators will also hugely benefit from the extensive data that is collected for reporting and event analysis. With this information, healthcare facilities are much better positioned to examine how care is delivered and identify new ways to improve processes and procedures. The bedrock of these goals is invariably a strong nurse rounding program and nurse call system.

When badge is idle, intervals between signals is longer and saves on battery life. This extensive badge battery life saves money, reduces the inconvenience of constantly changing the units and enhance security.

Where employed, user badges also include an integral staff attack button which when pressed can summon assistance in sometimes challenging workplaces. These dual technology IR/RFID badges deliver the benefits of people and asset location as well as staff attack in the same badge.

Unique identification codes mean that users can be easily identified and safely located when necessary.

Feature Focus

With a coherent and working nurse rounding program, staff are regularly in patients’ bedrooms asking about their needs, which in turn, lowers the total number of patient calls. In addition to timely rounding, nurses need just to respond quickly to patient requests. Nurse to patient response times can be compared from ward to ward.

Staff with IR/RFID Badge
  • Increases patient and staff satisfaction
  • Enhances patient staff safety
  • Improves workflow
  • Reduces the number of patient calls

Features at a Glance

  • Automatically captures response times to patient calls
  • Drives hospital goals of safety and patient care
  • Self documenting – no guesswork
  • Provides historical analytics for continual process improvement
  • Nurses no longer need to remember to press buttons anymore
  • Easy to use software
  • Produce data to counter response time queries
  • Provides supporting documentation when needed historical reports
  •  ‘List’ and ‘graphical views’
  • Extensive tag battery life
  • Includes integral staff attack button
  • Can be extended for other RTLS applications such as asset tracking, staff and asset location, bed management and staff attack

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