EZ CALL IP Cell Call Systems for Prisons

Our range of EZ CALL IP Cell Call Systems is ideal for often harsher working environments such as prisons and psychiatric facilities. It includes advanced features to protect against vandalism and to provide accurate monitoring and reporting options.

Our range delivers worry-free emergency communications for these environments.

Physically, these are purpose designed to be tough and reliable whilst remaining user friendly. Our cell call panels all include ultra-safe EZ CALL IP circuitry monitoring that’s constantly being polled by the system for peace of mind that the system is working optimally.

Prisons will often also require additional facilities such as ‘presence’. In this case, staff attending a room to answer a call will press the green ‘presence’ button on the stainless steel unit, which will alert colleagues to the fact that they have entered the room, also enabling a second higher level of call. They’ll also want speech too in most cases to facilitate speech between staff and inmates.

It may also be desirable to add staff attack receivers, portable alarm triggers and real time location features – all of which is possible with our range.

The complete range is ergonomically designed to be easy to use.

The vandal-resistant cell terminals for cells typically have a wide range of inputs and outputs which can be assigned various functionalities through software configuration, e.g. different call categories, two presence categories, call forwarding, cell light controls, light withdrawal activation, socket withdrawal, internal and external sabotage protection etc.