EZ CALL IP Nurse Call Systems for Care Homes

We are known for the quality of our EZ CALL IP Nurse Call System which we provide into Care Homes throughout the world. The great thing is that it does not matter whether you’re a small or larger establishment, we’ll be able to cater for your needs.

Nurse Call Systems have a vital role in care homes.  Every second matters and can make an important difference to patient outcomes.  Nurse Call Systems not only need to be fast and accurate, but they must be super reliable as well. The patient and caregiver must each have alerts at hand if needed.

We understand this well and have worked hard to produce a system that has an ultra-high level of integrity that far exceeds most our competitors for this sector.

Our multi-functional hard wired Nurse Call System is perfect for these healthcare environments.

Commonly features requested corridor displays, call activity logging software, helpful apps for nurses, overdoor lights, pagers, panic alarm integrations, real time location and assistive technology add-ons.

Carers these days often like to receive and manage calls on the go – which is where can also assist with our wire-free mobile care solutions. Users can choose between conventional event list views nor more graphical layouts.

The ECS-emergency call system is based on circuits that are divided into independent segments. Any rule exceptions to normal operation will be immediately detected and will only affect the system locally. It will never disable the entire system. Additionally, the whole system will be underpinned by a reliable 24V PSU – invariably with battery back-up.

Because we satisfy both German standard DIN VDE 0834 and UK´s HTM 08-03 for Nurse Call Systems in hospitals, we are obliged to safeguard any calls/presences in the event of power failure for a minimum of 30 seconds in the system memory.  However, in fact, our ECS-emergency call system guarantees that we lose zero calls for peace of mind. Additionally, we poll every 30 secs to ensure that all nodes are operating healthily.

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