Call Panels and Sockets

We’re really proud of our Nurse Call Panels and Sockets which are known for their quality throughout the world of healthcare. All units include ultra-safe EZ CALL IP circuitry monitoring that’s constantly being polled by the system for peace of mind that the system is working correctly. Because our range satisfies various codes of practice including VDE 0834 and HTM 0803, we even exceed healthcare recommendations in certain countries.

Sometimes you’ll be attracted by our range of time saving call panel features which includes, for example, the option of having a service type button with an illustrative ‘cup of tea’ symbol. If a patient or resident is looking for help in relation to a non-medical issue, the call will be instantly directed to a dedicated service display, allowing carers to carry out their day to day staff duties without being distracted.

Alternatively, you may be looking to connect a piece of medical patient monitoring equipment which having reached a given threshold, would automatically alert your care staff, therefore obviating the need for short staffed care teams to stay within the patient’s room.

DIN Type Socket

Some hospitals take advantage of our DIN type socket option. This allows staff to connect third party units such as assistive care devices.  Due to the growing demand for technology that assists people suffering from alzheimer's and other degenerative illnesses, clients often want to connect enuresis (i.e bed wet) sensors, bed/chair exit sensors, PIR power interfaces, pressure mats and even LED lights. The option also exists to connect these devices via our revolutionary safety-led designed ‘EZ CALL IP D-sockets’.

To address any infection control concerns that you may have, for total peace of mind, our complete range of call panels and sockets are anti-microbially treated for greater protection against the build-up of bacteria. These offer superior protection over other 'coated' options which are more susceptible to scratching and wear and tear.

Trunking Units

Where the ‘presence’ feature is required, an option to alert fellow carers to assist a colleague via an audible tone in their room exists. The frequency can even mirror the acuity of the call. This super helpful feature is called ‘Nurse Follower’ and drives both safety and operational efficiency.

Our handset sockets also include our much loved EZ CALL IP safe release D Socket feature. Unlike other manufacturers, who’s sometimes poorly designed units result in call panels being ripped off the wall when handset leads get tangled up around bed legs for example, ours will simply release the handset quickly and automatically alert staff. This results in zero care downtime, zero disruption and improved patient safety.

Finally, if you’re looking to fit these units within hospital containment trunking, then rest assured that we also have a wide range of trunking adaptor modules too.

Feature Focus

Our call panels and sockets are also designed to be highly modular. Let’s say for example that you’re looking to design your system to include patient call units complete with sockets for handsets today. However, you’re not sure if your needs will still require these sockets in all bedrooms in a year’s time.

No problem at all - with the EZ CALL IP range of call panels, you’ll easily be able to swap out the cover plates to another version that does not include the handset socket whenever you want to in the future, therefore future-proofing your decision from day one. The back plate module and electronics would remain in situ. Since, it’s something that can be quickly and carried out by your own local staff, there will be no need for expensive engineer call-outs together with the cost and disruption that this will entail.

  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Easy swap out plates
  • Future proofed from day one

Features at a Glance

  • Fully modular lifecycle-friendly easy to swap-out design
  • High integrity circuitry monitoring
  • Helpful time saving features
  • Wide range of call unit types inc user ID capture, numerous call levels, service call and speech versions
  • Third party unit monitoring
  • Superior anti-microbial protection
  • ‘Call follower’ safety & efficiency presence notifications
  • 'Safe release' D sockets for handsets
  • Hospital trunking insert modules
  • Stainless steel cover plate options