EZ CALL IP Workstation Software Suites
– For Efficient Nurse Call Management

Software Module für EZ CALL IPOur PC Workstation software suites help visualise all system events at a glance. Whether graphically on imported floor plans or in a traditional list, our views are freely configurable to suit your needs. A combination of both view sets is also possible.

Our software is powerful, visually intuitive and yet incredibly easy to use.

To satisfy any reporting requirements that you may have, data logging information can easily be exported for historical analysis of call and response times for example. This can be effected by ward or globally. Care managers can also produce customised call exception reports.

Depending on customer preference, our scalable software applications can oversee just a small group of patient rooms, one or more stations to a complete hospital wide employed Nurse Call system.

Any calls and presences can be viewed on our software. They can be viewed by station and also by the type of call (by priority) or presence (i.e: presence 1 and 2 could be used by different types of staff). With our graphical software, on speech enabled systems, you can easily click on a room with presence activated with a view to speaking to the carer. You can also effect this without presence being activated. Furthermore, calls into one room, a group of rooms or announcements to predefined groups of room or into the whole system can be easily activated with a simple button press.

Day and night shifts can be switched manually selecting predefined shift templates or automatically in a time dependant way.  With starting of a shift i.e the nightshift, the corresponding mobile device assignment will be switched automatically, for example, to the DECT phones assigned to night staff.

System events such as calls, presences, speech connections and RTLS tag information would be stored with a time stamp to fulfil VDE 0834 requirements, allowing system and performance analytics.

For system safety, all software applications are constantly monitored with our ECS Emergency Call System. In the case of a malfunction, an alarm is activated within the Nurse Call system.

Feature Focus

PC BedienplatzIn addition to standard Nurse Call functionality of visualising and processing of system events, our EZ CALL IP pc software applications are additionally purpose designed to make your daily work more efficient and provide the very flexibility needed in today’s modern healthcare environment.

  • With our mediGraph software platform, rooms can easily be dynamically moved from one group or station to another group or station within the system without any additional programming or even hardware changes. This aids clinical staff to reorganise the system very quickly and manage the given cases – Case Management.
  • To enable the receiving of receiving calls and further information on the go at point of care, mobile devices like pagers, DECT or mobile phones are used.
    To assign a mobile devices to a call location e.g. bed, room, group of rooms or complete station, is as easy as just one click to select the mobile device and a second click to assign the call location.
  • For extra peace of mind, our software can also monitor call activities of rooms and automatically raise an alarm if no call activity within a predefined period of time has been detected. We call this feature ‘Vital Call Monitoring’.

Features at a Glance

  • Graphical floor plan and list views
  • Powerful software, intuitive graphics and easy to use
  • Designed to drive operational efficiencies
  • Multiple speech combinations
  • Fast dynamic room assignment – case management
  • Vital call monitoring
  • Time controlled automated shift changes
  • Mobile device management
  • Logging of all events
  • Exportable for call exception reports
  • Fully monitored software application