Multi-Functional CT Touch Displays

Multifunktions-Display KT TouchOur Multi-Functional CT Display is designed for health facilities such as hospitals, care homes and clinics. It delivers VDE 0834/HTM 0803 standards driven nurse call functionality with our patented ECS Emergency Call System, a wide range of additional applications to aid clinical staff and managers in their day to day applications.

They are primarily used for staff to patient communication but are however also used to further facilitate daily communication between staff too. By selecting a specific room number or a group of rooms, staff can speak directly to either one person or make an announcement to a number of rooms simultaneously for example.

These displays include antimicrobial protection against healthcare associated infections and also include easy to clean membrane buttons.

Our Multi-Functional CT Touch Displays incorporate powerful RFID technology which will read and register a user’s ID if an audit trail is required.  All users need do is swipe their card/fob against the unit and it registers their user ID and timestamps the event.

Real Time Location features such as automatic presence & asset tracking can easily be introduced by connecting Infrared/RF-Sensors directly to these Multi-Functional CT Touch Displays.

The units can be connected to future proof IP structured cable network as well as conventional Bus or Star cable structure. This flexibility offers tremendous potential of cost savings to our clients as existing cable network can be reused in many cases. All cable structures can be combined in case of extending an already existing Nurse Call system.

In IP configurations, our unique Emergency Call System functionality (ECS) can be employed to further bolster the underlying integrity of the system by enabling a basic level of calls to be distributed in the case of a network switch failure.

Feature Focus

Multifunktions-Display KT Touch FarbenThese units are uniquely interchangeable - in as much as they can be employed in a combination of environments – from patient‘s rooms, to corridors and even at a staff base.

The large touch screen display indicates active system calls and changes colour to show the priority of the call being displayed. A simple to use touch based navigation system provides access to the main call response functionality and menu system.

The unit also includes free, easy to use custom designed applications that aid clinical staff in their day to day duties and include features helpful such as:

  • Nursing Reminders to allow clinical staff to set reminder alerts which will activate the nurse call system after a set time interval.
  • Speed Dial Quick Access to simplify voice contact with any desired room or area of the site. It allows contact with an individual room or preset groups of rooms with a fast no fuss single button press.
  • Room Status Indicator for cleaning staff to quickly convey the current room status. This would prevent a room from being allocated to a patient before a cleaning operation has been carried out for example.

Features at a Glance

  • Unique multi-room suitability
  • Large colour touch screen & easy to clean membrane keypad
  • Free efficiency apps including nursing reminders, configurable one touch button functions
  • Many speech path options (patient to staff / staff to staff, announcements etc)
  • Anti-microbial protection to meet infection control demands
  • RFID user recognition
  • Real Time Location ready
  • Emergency Call System (ECS)
  • Choice of wiring configurations
  • Conventional / IP Versions

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